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owflake Boy▓' school gets new dorm05-30-2018 09:47 BJTWang Fuman, from rural Ludian in Yunnan province and better known on the internet as "Snowflake Boy", moved into his primary school's n▓ew dormitory recently, along with 72 other students, with the help of civil groups and local government.Chen Furong, director of the Ludian education department, told Xinhua News Agency they raised more than 800,000 yuan ($124,772) f▓rom various sources to carry out renovations on Zhuanshanbao primary sc

hool's class building, dormitory and canteen.141▓ students study at Zhuanshanbao primary school in Ludian. Wang, an 8-year-old boy, is one of them. He attr▓acted attention nationwide after his ▓photograph was posted on the internet b▓y the principal of

his primary school on Jan 8.The▓ picture showed him with his hair covered in ice after he walked m▓ore than f


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our kilometers in freezing temperature▓s to reach his school.After that, Wang was▓ nicknamed "Snowflake Boy". He l

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ives with his▓ father, 10-year-old sister and si▓ck grandmother in an impoverished m▓ountainous area. His mother lef▓t home two years ago."T

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he school's p▓revious teacher dormitory was changed into a▓ new one for students," Chen said. ▓"It has electric heaters, and all lights, doors and windows have been repla▓ced by new ones."A total of 73 students have moved into the new dormitory so far &m▓dash; 40 boys and 33 girls, the program head said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR▓ Code to follow us on WechatAutistic teens g▓et new Shanghai coffee shopAutistic teens ▓get new Shanghai coffee shopAutistic teens get new Shanghai coffee shop05-21-2018 09:11 BJTA▓ Shanghai nonprofit group that ran▓ a coffee shop to teach autistic adolescents how to interact with others said on Sunday it has found a new ▓location and will reopen soon, after being forced to close over a rent issue.The g▓roup锛

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峉hanghai Angels Salon锛峸hi▓ch started up about a decade ago, helps young people with autism and their families thr▓ough support programs, music therapy and other a▓ctivities.On April 2, World Autism Awarene▓ss Day, the group opened the coffee shop锛岮-Cof▓fee锛峣n a small, first-floor unit of a comme▓rcial building downtown. It

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